Axis Types

Scalar Axis

DateTime Axis

Categorical Axis

Axis Scales

Axis scales are only available to scalar axis.

Identity Scale (default)

Log Scale

Exponential Scale

Custom Scale

Tick Locators

A tick locator determines major ticks, minor ticks, and tick labels, and "nice numbers".



An extension of Wilkinson algorithm. It is described in "An Extension of Wilkinson’s Algorithm for Positioning Tick Labels on Axes".


A 2-level datetime axis motivated by Cryptowatch. This design reduces the amount of label text, making a clean look without losing the required level of details.

The below is an example of typical datetime labeling. "2020-05-" is unnecessarily repeated and the label space is dense. If there were more ticks, we would have overlapping labels or would have to skip some labels.

On the other hand, 2-level layout has 2 rows of labels. The less important unit (2022-04-xx) is extracted out to the second level. The interval of the first level (5 hours) is determined from the current zoom state, label density, and datetime resolution.

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