Data Source

Ezel's APIs expect polars::frame::DataFrame as a data source.

If you have other data types, they should be converted to DataFrame first.

use ezel::prelude::*;
use polars::prelude::*;

let mut x = vec![..];
let mut y = vec![..];

let df = df!(
    "x" => &x,
    "y" => &y

let mut plot = Cartesian2::default();
plot.scatter(df, Column("x".to_string()), Column("y".to_string()));

More ergonomic interfaces are planned to be added.

let x: Vec<f64>;
let y: Vec<f64>;

ezel::quick::scatter_xy(x, y); // Cartesian2 + x + y

let mut plot = Cartesian2::default();
plot.scatter_xy(x, y); // two Vec<f64>

Data Types (i64, f64, ..)

f64 are expected in most places. If you have f32 data, simply convert it to f64.



Ezel borrows the idea of protrusion from Makie.jl. The main areas of items in the grid are aligned by rows and columns.

Data Lifetime

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